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Our task was to lead a coalition of stakeholders to renew Minnesota’s State Historic Tax Credit. The State Historic Tax Credit provides state support for 20% of project costs for redevelopment of buildings that are on the national registry of historic places. In the ten years that the tax credit had been in place, it had generated more than $3.5 billion in economic activity statewide and created more than 18,000 jobs.


Following multiple unsuccessful extension attempts, Minnesota’s Historic Tax Credit was about to expire. This little-known bill needed to gain some visibility and momentum quickly, or risk expiring and endangering future historic redevelopment projects.

Our Approach

The Historic Tax Credit needed to become a timely and urgent topic, relatable to the general public. Alta Via framed the Historic Tax Credit as an infrastructure and jobs bill to raise its visibility and build consensus around program.

Alta Via used a three-prong approach:

  • Create a Compelling brand – ReviatlizeMN – for the tax credit’s diverse stakeholders to rally behind

  • Target key legislators – presenting legislators with a robust spectrum of constituents – developers, trade unions, historic preservation groups, concerned citizens

  • Generate state-wide media coverage – by highlighting successful projects in communities around the state, RevitalizeMN demonstrated how valuable and transformative the Historic Tax Credit is for communities around the state.

The Outcome

Even amidst the uncertainty of budgeting during Covid-19, the coalition successfully secured a one-year extension of the Historic Tax Credit.

Key Metrics

  • Reached over 5 million people through media coverage across the state, leading the nation in media coverage regarding a state Historic Tax Credit.

  • Generated a 2500% increase in media attention compared to previous attempts to extend the tax credit.

  • Created a social media presence that had 49x more post engagements than in previous years.

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