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Crisis Communications 101

Every business and organization will experience a crisis. The sooner you prepare, the more contained you can keep the fallout. Read below for a few tips and tricks to plan for a crisis before it happens!

1. Know your audience

Even before your crisis occurs, you can identify who your key audiences are. Who are the people who will need the know the news of the crisis before anyone else? Are they internal or external audiences? How do they best digest information? Make a telephone (or email!) tree of who needs to know which information first.

2. Share your values

You can create your baseline messaging before a crisis happens. What are the guiding principles your organization turns to? What values do you prioritize? Write out declarative statements using those values that can ground you in a crisis and that you can share with your key audiences.

3. Call for backup

There are lots of unexpected hurdles in handling a crisis. How do you manage media inquiries? What should you put in writing? What needs to go in a press release, or if you even need one?

As fast as your crisis evolves, we’re there to support you. Crises move fast, so we’ll help you move faster.

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