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Communications During Challenging Times

COVID-19 marks the latest challenge in creating strong communications. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when you're communicating during challenging times.

August 2021

Now that we have come through much of the initial shock of COVID-19, organizations and businesses have the dual challenge of dealing with the economic challenges caused by the pandemic as well as the continually evolving public health concerns. Perhaps just as visible, the nation is also confronting a crisis of racial equity and policing challenges evolving alongside the pandemic.

How do you communicate about your business, your company, your brand during this unprecedented time? Here are 3 things to keep in mind.

1. Ground yourself in your brand. Your brand sets your direction.

What is your brand? Corporate? Community-involved? Who you are and what you have accomplished as a brand should define the tone of your communications. Use your past to guide your first steps into your future.

2. Evolve your brand. Challenging times offer the perfect opportunity for growth.

No matter where in the world your brand started, you are a part of your community -- physical or digital. Understanding the current circumstances, pain points, and opportunities in your community will help you strike an appropriate tone. Read the local newspaper or join a local social media group to take the temperature of those around you.

3. Do the hard work. Commit to growth, don't just perform.

Not all of your evolution as a business needs to be public at first. Take time for you and your team to learn and grow during this time. Ask the hard questions and take the long view. Where do you want to be as a business in a year? 5 years? Allow your business strategy to lead your communications strategy. Take the time to figure it out first.

Now is the perfect time - despite and because of the challenges of 2020 - to take a step back and the strategic decisions that are going to lead your company to future success. And when you're ready to talk about those choices, internally to your team or externally to the world, we're here to help you elevate your business.

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